Use AI to your advantage with ease.

OxBlue’s cameras and services help you see the most important information about the jobsite in just a glance. With AI-powered construction insights you can analyze productivity, mitigate risk and ensure efficient utilization of resources.


Construction Insights Powered by AI

Get real-time project information by partnering with an industry leader in jobsite intelligence, OxBlue. Our construction camera systems, interface, and time-lapse capabilities make it easy for you to monitor, manage and market your construction projects from anywhere.

Elevate your builds and business with OxBlue’s new artificial intelligence (AI) features – improve transparency, efficiency and safety throughout your projects. Easily understand your visual data and make real-time jobsite performance decisions.


Activity Analysis

  • Verify work hours and deliveries
  • See the short and long term impact of weather conditions
  • Proactively mitigate risk to keep
  • projects on schedule

Safety Tracking

  • Identify safety compliance levels across projects
  • Track hard hat and safety vest usage
  • See opportunities for additional training
  • Determine subcontractor safety levels

Smart Camera Management

  • Identify power problems before they occur
  • Notify of connectivity outage
  • Identify obstructed camera views
  • Identify titled images
  • Identify when ice, snow, rain or other weather related image issues

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Advanced Analytics

  • View productivity results across different projects
  • Quickly review daily progress with an automatic log
  • Use advanced search to easily find different locations and projects

Equipment Tracking

  • Ensure efficient utilization of resources and capital
  • Identify project milestones based on equipment arrival and departure times
  • Analyze equipment operation patterns

Smart Notifications

  • Receive automatic alerts of what you need to know when you need to know it
  • Identify critical milestones in a matter of seconds
  • Instantly monitor potential weather-related issues as conditions change
  • Manage by exception (example: notification of personnel on site after hours)